Summer = No B2B Sales!!?

“The summer sales slump” – ever heard of that? It’s that time of year where EVERYONE goes on vacation and NOONE is left in offices for B2B sales people to call, email, or visit.
Word has it, Selling can’t be done in this period of the year. Impossible! Let’s just stop all activity…

At least, that’s what we hear a lot. We’ve heard it last month. We’re hearing it this month. And we’ll continue to hear it going into next month.

Let me tell you what the sales slump is.

Sales Slump

What is the Summer Slump Really?

The sales slump is a myth. One of those things some members of a sales team cling to and use to explain and excuse why they don’t need to make calls, send emails, go for visits – in short it’s the excuse to do nothing at all related to selling.

Don’t get me wrong. People go on holiday. They take time off and because of that not reachable. Due to the need to recharge the batteries. We all need that. It’s what it should be like.

While that is true, somebody is still working. Organizations don’t stand still. This is especially true for social sellers who may operate more on LinkedIn than anywhere else. June over July visitors to my LinkedIn profile dropped by 15%. It appears that despite all the vacation time being taken right now, somebody is still there. This should tell you that out there someone is still working. Someone is still busy. Someone is still buying.
And right now the number of organizations helping out all these still-working individuals is lower than the rest of the year. Because they believe in the myth of the summer slump.

Do what you always do!

Therefore you should keep on doing what you always do:
Go out there and find them. Help them. And just maybe: Sell to them.

Good selling. And Enjoy the Summer.

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