Secret Process: SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools

Process: B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools




This time around we’ve got something special for you: A free step-by-step guide to B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools. YourSales is a sales outsourcing company for B2B SaaS companies. With a global sales force and heaps of experience in B2B sales for SaaS companies, we help clients solve problems, help companies buy, and work with the sales funnel on a 24-hour basis. You can implement and use this guidance on your own. Be aware that the channels and technologies that generate traction are in constant motion. That and our thinking on how to best achieve traction might have outdated this content. If you’d like an updated view, please set up a time to talk.

In our work with clients around the world we come across one question over and over again:
“How do you do B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools?”

As a response to that we’ve decided to share the process you have in front of you now. At this point there’s not one single tool which can be used to execute this specific process. You should expect that this “B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools” process will get updated and tinkered with on an ongoing basis. Use the Google Drive link at the bottom of the page to check out the updated version.

This process should not be seen as a replacement to all your other efforts to start new conversations. You should continue to do what you’re already doing in terms of both inbound and outbound leadgen and add this B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools to your efforts. This document will continue to be updated. For the most recent version you should go to the bottom of this page and click the Google Drive link.

Basic Overview

You might already be searching for people to interact with on LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to potentially interact with The process works by semi-automating a process, which you should really otherwise carry out manually:

Finding interesting people on LinkedIn and finding a way to create a dialogue with them.

Instead of going through the process manually, though, we’ve identified a number of tools and set them up to create a process, which is designed to help automate the process.

Prerequisites for B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools:

  • LinkedIn account with a Premium subscription

  • A Twitter account

  • Dux-Soup for Chrome

  • A Chrome extension for inserting standard text into a browser form – like the “Insert Text” extension

  • Calendly for meeting booking

  • Access to Google Sheets is helpful

The Tools

  • LinkedIn

    The World’s professional network. You know who they are. For this exercise it’s most important that you’re allowed to do sufficient searches and can view profiles. Business Plus will do in this case. You may have other reasons to upgrade to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator – it’s not needed for this exercise, though.

  • Twitter

    Social and professional networking in chunks of 140 characters. If you’re not on twitter yet, you should be. Create an account here.

  • Dux-Soup

    Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn leadgen automation tool – an extension to Google Chrome, which takes credit for a large part of the automation described in this process. Should you want to use Dux-Soup, here’s where you get it.

  • Text Blaze

    In order to be efficient when writing almost the same response to invitations and connects, having a tool that makes it possible to quickly paste the basic boilerplate text is a great addition. ‘Insert Text’ is a Chrome extension that makes this possible and you can get it here.

  • Calendly

    Once you have dialogue, in order to connect in a way which is as meaningful as possible, you should try to move towards some form of live conversation.That type of conversation – face to face or not – benefits from being scheduled. The manual scheduling process can take exceedingly long.In order to limit the wasted time in synchronizing a time to talk, and remove the friction from multi-timezone scheduling, we use Calendly, which integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365. In addition they feature an Outlook plugin for users of that popular email client.Sign up for Calendly Getting Ready

    Set up Calendly with your Calendar. Define when meetings can be booked in your calendar. Sign up with Calendly here and use this guide to get it set up.

    Get your LinkedIn profile game-ready:
    • Change the header from title and company to the problem You Help People and Companies Solve.
    • Do something similar in the “Experience” section, but with title and company, of course.
    • Make sure you have a professional image. Don’t do this.
    Configure Dux-Soup – get it here:

    You’ll probably want to go with leaving the configuration to Dux-Soup. What can and can’t be done on LinkedIn is quite the moving target, so any recommendations we make could well be outdated by the time we save this article for your viewing pleasure.

    • Number of days before revisiting = 14.
    • Check the box ‘Skip visit when the name is unknown.’
    • Check the box ‘Skip visit when the photo is blank.’
    • Visiting Speed = Random
    • Limit Daily Visits to what your LinkedIn subscription allows
    • Set your ‘Computer Performance & Network Speed’.
    Configure ‘Text Blaze’:
    • Click the ‘Text Blaze’ icon () in the top bar of your Chrome browser.
    • Set up your responses from scratch OR get a head start and import these proven boilerplates :

      (1): Response to accepted LinkedIn invitation

      Thank you for connecting! 🚀

      What made you connect?
      Do you have a sales question on your mind?

      I admit to being a bit of a {insert whatever you’re a fac of here} 🤓 and I love a good sales chat!

      (2) Another response to LinkedIn invitation. (You’ll need Calendly for this. Get it here):

      Hi {first name},
      Thanks for your invitation to connect. Could be fun and interesting to get acquainted. If you’d like, feel free to set up a little time to talk. Please go to https://<YOUR CALENDLY LINK> and share a time that works for you.

      Have a fine day,

      (3) A reminder that you responded to a LinkedIn invitation. 


      As far as I can tell we haven’t been in touch since I replied to your LinkedIn invitation. Let me know if you think we should talk. You can even schedule some time at https://<YOUR CALENDLY LINK>.

      Have a fine day!


    Your Daily Process

    It will visit all the profiles in the search or until it hits your daily limitation.

    A few things will happen next as a result of you visiting profiles:

    • You’ll get more visits on your profile. A LOT more visits.
    • You’ll get invitations and InMails from some of those visitors.

    Getting Going

    Make a LinkedIn search for the kind of people you would like to engage in dialogue with. An advanced search makes sense in order to narrow down the search to maximum 1000 results. Here’s a search for you to use as a test.

    If you didn’t finish visiting profiles in the search from the previous day, use that search. One way to track your progress is to use a google sheet tracking the searches you use and how far you are down the list. We’ve gotten one going for you already.

    Choose File, Copy Click the Dux-Soup icon to the right of your Google Chrome address bar and choose “Visit Profiles”.

    When you finish visiting profiles in a search, repeat steps 1 and 2. Otherwise continue to step 4.
    • LinkedIn: Review invitations you’ve received. Open each invitation AND the corresponding LinkedIn profile, then:

      • Individuals you’d like to have a dialogue with, get a response which includes a Calendly link, so they can share a time to talk which works for them. Personalization of the boilerplate message is recommended. Tag their LinkedIn profiles using and follow them on twitter if available.
      • Individuals you don’t think you should speak to, get a response without a Calendly link and potentially you click ignore on their invitation at this stage. If you don’t ignore their invitations, tag them. Follow them on twitter.
      • Review invitations from LinkedIn profiles with a tag. The invitations that haven’t yet resulted in a dialogue after a week or two get a reminder incl. a calendly link. Subsequently ignore these invitations.

    • Twitter: Review twitter followers.

      Follow (back) the ones you’d like to have a dialogue with and send them a message with a Calendly link, inviting them to get acquainted.
      Now have talks with people who book via Calendly or who you set a time with manually.


    Make sure you have the most recent version of this process for B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools. Grab the document here.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that instead of going through the process manually, though, we’ve identified a number of tools and set them up to create a process, which is designed to help automate the process. very useful information

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  3. Such an informative and helpful read. If you want to save your time and money you need to automate your process instead of manual. Thanks for writing up this kind of post. It’s really helpful. Keep sharing this types of post.

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      Hi Paresh,

      Thank you for your comment. You’re right! It would be great to be able to automate this process. I don’t know that there are tools out there that make sensible automation possible, though. Your thoughts?

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