3 Steps to Safely Secure Your LinkedIn Network

3 Steps to Safely Secure Your LinkedIn Network


Outages over at professional social network LinkedIn prompted me to write a quick guide on how to backup your contacts. You may want to do this for various reasons, but one is this: What if LinkedIn loses all your contacts or you lose access to your account?

Whatever you think about the security at LinkedIn, the effort that goes into from time to time requesting a backup of your LinkedIn data is nothing. Think about the alternative of not having access to that data at all. Quite terrible, isn’t it. 

If you’ve never made a copy of your LinkedIn data before, now is a good time. Let’s do it!

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Go to the Export Page

    Go to Export Connections for partial download or to Downloading Your Account Data for a full copy.

  2. Make Your Selection

    Choose what you wish to export.

  3. Make it So

    Hit Export.

When you get your data, make sure to keep in a safe place. This could be your secure cloud storage or your mirrored NAS at home – or both, just to make sure.

Now, even if LinkedIn disappears for you, you can continue networking with all your contacts. Enjoy!

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