How to Remember Names in Sales

Remembering Names in Sales

Remembering names of people you meet can sometimes seem challenging. Even more so in these hyper-networked days where the number of connections we interact with far exceeds the Dunbar number of people we should be able to have meaningful relations with.

For sales professionals remembering names is critical – even with a great CRM, social selling tools and caller IDs in place. Your ability to remember a name has a dramatic impact on your stance with the individual whose name you just remembered – or forgot.

Not knowing your prospect’s name kills relationships and destroys orders. It tells your customer that their names don’t matter. That they aren’t important enough for you to take the time to remember their name.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

5 Secrets to Remembering Everyone’s Names

  1. Believe in Yourself

    – or rather: don’t tell yourself you can’t do it. This is the first tip to being able to do anything. Telling yourself it’ll go wrong or you can’t do it is the first towards fulfilling that precise prophecy.

  2. Repetition, repetition, repetition!!!

    When in conversation with people, make sure to mention their name as well. It’ll be pleasant to your conversation partner. In addition it’ll help carve their name into your memory.

  3. Listen & Get it Right

    One reason people forget names is they weren’t really listening. Focus on listening. Then follow up by asking several questions related to the person and their name. What’s their story? Does the name have a story? If the name is foreign get the person’s help to pronounce it just right.

  4. Goodbyes Reinforce!

    Repetitions work with goodbyes as well. When you leave a meeting or an event, make sure to tell people goodbye and mention their name. It’ll solidify their name in your memory and it’ll be a nice gesture, which will be pleasant to be part of.

  5. Look & Listen Again

    At the end of the day, mentally go through who you’ve met that day. Remember their names, say them out loud along with a tidbit of info you remember them by.

This will all help you establish firmer, longer-lasting relationships. Maybe you’re already using tricks like these? Which are your favourites?

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