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3 Ways To Get Free B2B Leads




This post will tell you how to get free leads. No catch!!

Agree or disagree:
You can never have enough leads!!
Agree, right?

I know most of our clients at YourSales would certainly agree you can’t have too many leads. Very few of them are seeing too high influx of leads and most would like more. That’s why the following surprises me: Most of the companies we speak to don’t use or are even aware of this way of getting additional information about website visits. Let’s get right into getting free leads!

One of the trends of 2016 is for Account-based Selling to catch on big time. Chances are you’re already doing account-based selling, especially if you’re a Small or Medium sized business.

Focusing on specific accounts all the way from the top of the sales funnel makes it easier to facilitate growth by honing in on specific companies while prospecting. A lot of that account-based work will happen solely via outbound methods. Some of it, though, could well be triggered by prospect activity on your website – this is what most companies are missing out on today.

Free Sales Leads with These Tools

This is what you want. For a while now we’ve been using three freemium tools here on the yoursales.com website.
They are:

Gives you a daily email listing the organizations that visited your website the previous day. Azalead will give you information on visitors to your website, allow targeting visitors with ads – or not, and integrates with Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, and a number of other sales and marketing software packages.
By targeting accounts who visit your website, you’ll be able to serve those same companies display ads on other sites to further help them find what they’re looking for and start a dialogue with them.
Finally – and unique to Azalead, they provide a mobile app for iOS and Android, which will inform whenever targeted accounts visit the website, as well as show the entire list of visitors.

Unlike Azalead and Online Succes, setting up Leadfeeder is just super simple. All you need is your Google Analytics account credentials. Leadfeeder will dig into your website visitor statistics and present you with visitor information instantly.
At the time of implementation this means you don’t have to wait for data, as it’s already there, provided you’re already using Google Analytics.
Leadfeeder gets you integration with CRM/Opportunity Management tool Pipedrive, noting in Pipedrive each time your clients visit your website. In addition Leadfeeder provides a small company profile for visitors along with information about how you might best connect with that company, based on data from LinkedIn.

Same as the two others this marketing campaign automation tool provides insights to visitors to your website on a daily basis.
As Online Succes is an Account Based Marketing tool, it will allow you to set up campaigns and target visitors to your website.

At current Online Succes is mostly geared to deliver value for the Dutch market.

For instance you’ll find that the graphic above provides data on visitors from Dutch provinces. Interesting for companies focused on the Netherlands. Not so interesting for everyone else. In addition the translations to English aren’t complete just yet – the English version of the software contains a mix of English and Dutch and additional information on companies is only available about website visitors from the Netherlands.

Use Them All

As you see, the three tools above come with slightly different sets of benefits and certainly with different aims. Leadfeeder and Azalead have the most complete set of data on companies internationally, and if you’re aiming for the Dutch market Online Succes could be for you. There are differences, though, and sometimes either of these three will provide better insight.

You might end up with a premium version of either of these software packages. Either way, I recommend using at least the free trial of all of them. Online Succes is useful for selling/marketing in the Netherlands, and Leadfeeder and Azalead can be used everywhere. All have free trials with a number of free visit identifications per month.

This provides your business with leads for free. No reason not to get started right now.

Good selling ! 🙂