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Customer Service & Support: The Tools 2018




Customer Service and Support have long had a wide variety of tools to enhance the experience of customers as well a increase efficiency and ability in customer service and support teams.

The profession is changing and evolving with clients increasingly expecting remote and digital support. At the same time many of these tools enable increased virtualization in both remote and distributed customer service and support operations.

It’s meanwhile unthinkable to not expect help by email and telephone, and a plethora of messaging tools – like Whatsapp and Telegram – and social platforms like Facebook or Twitter – increasingly present organizations with both opportunities and challenges – also in customer service and support.

WIth  YourSales being especially in the SaaS sales outsourcing business, we encounter several of these companies.

As a means to provide an overview, we had already started listing and classifying the software tools in the sales stack.

This post serves as our overview of the tools for customer service and support.

The tools list below is categorized for easy viewing and searching and will also be updated as inevitably these tools – some of them features posing as products – will fail or be acquired and assimilated into actual products. Equally quite a few of the current tools for B2B selling on this sales stack list will eventually die as they fail to create a revenue generating model.

Do you have tools that belong on this list? Let us know, and we’ll make sure to include and categorize them to everyone’s benefit.

Here we go:

Presenting: The 2018 Customer Service & Support Tech Stack

Retired from the Customer Service & Support Tools list:

  • None here – come back later. We’ll update as software starts to get acquired, fail, pivot, etc.

If you work for a company, which has a software offering or you simply know of a software tool, which should be on this list, do let us know!

Edited and categorized by YourSales. I’m making sure to keep a copy, so this list of tools for the Sales Stack remains as relevant as possible. Send me a message or comment here if you have any problems whatsoever with that.

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