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Sales Stack 2020: The Tools

Sales Stack 2020 Sales Tools for Professional Sales SALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLSSALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLS Welcome to “Sales Stack 2020 – Sales Tools for Professional Sales”. Enabling the right customer journey with sales tools that power your sales process has been high on our agenda for years. During 2019 many of the larger providers of sales solutions have …

Best of B2B Sales Podcasts

Best of Sales Podcasts

Most professionals exercising their craft will be on a continuous journey, seeking to improve how they operate. Sales Professionals, too, will be looking for new techniques and tools, tips for their mental game and inspiration they can make their own. One of the ways to stay inspired is through the use of podcasts, which can be consumed while mentally idle: during …

Sales Stack 2019

Sales Stack 2019: The Tools

It’s 2019 and we’re back at the sales tools workshop, working out the best sales tools for your sales process. It’s going to be an exciting year. You’ll get lots of content from us along with advice for your sales process. The focus for 2019 is going to follow this prioritized order: When it comes to the “best” sales process, …

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Customer Service & Support: The Tools 2018

Customer Service and Support have long had a wide variety of tools to enhance the experience of customers as well a increase efficiency and ability in customer service and support teams. The profession is changing and evolving with clients increasingly expecting remote and digital support. At the same time many of these tools enable increased virtualization in both remote and …

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Sales Stack 2018: The Tools

In an ever evolving world, we in the business of selling SaaS have to embrace and stay ahead with the latest sales tools that are emerging in the market. These tools are what we use to deliver elite services to our clients and strengthen our B2B sales processes. That’s why we started listing and classifying the software tools in the sales …

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Sales Stack 2017: The Tools

As a supplier for outsourced sales for SaaS businesses the sales stack is increasingly important. One of the things expected of us, is that we always have a fairly good idea about which sales tools are available to drive growth for SaaS companies.

Sales Stack 2016

Sales Stack 2016: The Tools

Since I started in sales back in the nineties I’ve been a big on using smart tools and working with my sales stack in sales to increase win rates, help clients better, and operate with more insight. For the past few years I’ve had a post at and on quora, where I now edit a wiki on all the tools in …