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Most professionals exercising their craft will be on a continuous journey, seeking to improve how they operate. Sales Professionals, too, will be looking for new techniques and tools, tips for their mental game and inspiration they can make their own.

One of the ways to stay inspired is through the use of audible means, which can be consumed while mentally idle: during exercise, while driving, during a commute, or cleaning up around the house.

We’ve gathered a selection of some of the best B2B sales podcasts for busy professionals, and will continue to add to this list on an ongoing basis.

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What’s a Good Listen for Sales?

For a podcast to belong on this list it needs to be inspirational for sales and improve their understanding of their World.

That means they can be industry podcasts, sales technique podcasts, or otherwise related to the Sales Professional’s exercise of her craft.

Flip out your smartphone. Use the links in each podcast description to subscribe or find more information. Have a good listen.

Best B2B Sales Podcasts


All Things Sales

  • The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale
    Probably our favourite show on B2B sales has got to be The Advanced Selling Podcast by Bill Caskey & Bryan Neale. We enjoy it because it teaches detachment from the outcome, natural curiousity, and focus on the client’s problem. It contains a few ads, but is bite-size, pumped with valuable content, and the immense archive features literally hundreds of nuggets for your sales podcasting pleasure.
    Give them a listen – details are available here. Subscribe here:


  • Salesman Podcast with Will Barron
    One of the greats clearly is Will Barron‘s SALESMAN PODCAST. Will hosts this B2B podcast, shares insight from years and years of B2B sales AND interviews an army of B2B sales influencers and sales leaders from all over the World. Episodes are generally 35-45 minutes in length.   I enjoy it for it’s variety of Will sharing his own experiences and guests sharing theirs. You’ll always have take-aways from the Salesman Podcast.   
    It’s clearly another must-listen if you’re in B2B sales, and you’ll find it here.

  • Make It Happen Monday with John Barrows
    Global sales influencer and famous sales trainer John Barrows and his team has several podcasts – one of them being the SDR Chronicles elsewhere here in the leadgen section
    For more full-funnel content on professional sales “Make It Happen Mondays” shares gold nuggets from both John and his company as well as all of the sales leaders and influencers interwed on the show. 
  • Business and Bourbon with Ronnell Richards
    Entrepreneur podcast about everything nobody wants to talk about. Business and personal life is intertwined in Business and Bourbon. It’s currently in its 1st season and getting rave reviews.
  • The BOSS podcast with Mark McInnes

The Best Of Social Selling OR The Best Outbound Sales Skills? Sales Tactics for Todays’ Sellers. The #BOSS podcast is created to provide actionable tactics and strategies that you can use to be more effective in your sales and outreach. Sales Development and Prospecting is hard whether you prospect via social, video or more traditional methods. Here we bring you a broad range of strategies all salespeople can employ to start more conversations with their ideal clients. Designed to help Business Development teams, Account Executives, Sales Enablement Professionals, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Leaders. Hosted by, Mark McInnes – Author, B2B Sales Trainer.

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Leadgen / SDR / BDR

  • The SDR Chronicles 
    If you spend your sales time mostly at the top end of the funnel, possibly doing SDR work, boy does Morgan J Ingram have a thing for you. His SDR Chronicles podcast is legendary in the top-funnel space, and contains highly practical tips and tricks, which you can make your own, implement and test in a way that works for your sales funnel. It’s bite-size, high energy, and in short super useful!!   As you can tell, I enjoy Morgan’s work for the length and because he’s just sharing solid advice that delivers value immediately.   Grab his podcast below or here.
  • The Sales Engagement Podcast
    On the topic of lead generation, Outreach is already grabbing a fair bit of attention as a provider of software to facilitate – well – outreach. Although this show seems to have finished or being on an extended break, the valuable library is still very much available for consumption.
    That provides plenty of insight and network for them to share their Sales Engagement Podcast. You’ll find the podcast here. In a sub-30-minute format it features interesting interviews with sales leaders and influencers. It’s a small world, so in fact one recent guest was previously mentioned Morgan J Ingram
    We enjoy the podcast very much for its length and the stories from guests, which often take you behind the scenes of how all those companies and individuals think about engaging with clients.


  • Hard Corps Marketing with Casey Cheshire
    What’s a marketing podcast doing on this list? In a world where marketing and sales alignment is increasingly important and some marketing tactics are making their way into sales, knowing what works for and in marketing is steadily becoming important to Sales Professionals. That’s what Casey Cheshire provides.  

To Be Reviewed, Categorized and Added

Best B2B Sales PodcastsThis section is very much work in progress and the links aren’t updated.

Still, we wanted to put the names of these podcasts out there, as they were recommended to us. And that deserves sharing.

  • Anything Gary Lee
  • The Fitness Journey with Wesley Baer
  • Sales Gravy with Jeb Blount
  • The Sales Leadership Podcast with Rob Jepson
  • Our Love Hate Relationship with Sales (Kenneth Herring)
  • Enterprise Sales Podcast with Noah Goldman
  • Limitless by Hippo Video


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