Sales Stack 2017: The Tools

As a supplier for outsourced sales for SaaS businesses the sales stack is increasingly important. One of the things expected of us, is that we always have a fairly good idea about which sales tools are available to drive growth for SaaS companies.

Last year we started listing and classifying the software tools in the sales stack. The list ended up being quite large, so this year we’ll introduce more categories and a table of contents to enable quickly getting an overview.

YourSales is still big on using smart tools and working with the sales stack to increase win rates, help clients better, and operate with more insight. We’ve learned a lot since the first sales stack tools post. The 2017 edition will be a live document as you’re used to from last year.

To maintain sales velocity and competitiveness Inside Sales and Field Sales Professionals and teams alike need to continuously reconsider the tools they have in their sales stack. B2B sales and selling have become synonymous with continuous change at an increasing speed. Keeping an overview of the flood of new tools in the sales stack is increasingly difficult.

The sales stack tools list below is categorized for easy viewing and searching and will also be updated as inevitably these tools – some of them features doubling for products – will fail or be acquired and assimilated into actual products. Equally quite a few of the current tools for B2B selling on this sales stack list will eventually die as they fail to create a revenue generating model.

Do you have tools that belong on this list? Let us know, and I’ll make sure to include and categorize them to everyone’s benefit.

Here we go:

2017 Sales Stack Tools:

All of the Funnel:


Social Selling

 Top of the Funnel:

Prospecting Leadgen List Creation

Sales Intelligence / LeadGen

Marketing Enablement & Automation

Sales Automation/Acceleration

Email Outreach

Screenshare and Demoing



Performance Management

Sales/Marketing Alignment

Team Communication

Phone Systems/Solutions/Client


Hiring & Onboarding

Project Management

Retired from the Sales Stack Tools list:


You can find the Quora wiki and everyone’s contributions here.

Edited and categorized by Jakob Thusgaard. I’m making sure to keep a copy, so this list of tools for the Sales Stack remains as relevant as possible. Send me a message or comment here if you have any problems whatsoever with that.

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