Repeat Your Customer and Sell More

Just heard something really startling: if you’re a waiter who takes an order, chances are about 70% higher of getting a tip if you repeat your customers order out loud, than if you just go “got it”. 70%!!

This is all about how you acknowledge what your customers just told you. If you respond to any request with words or sounds like u-huh, got it, OK, sure, will do, and similar – then you could benefit very much from this little tip:

  • Repeat/Paraphrase What Your Customer Asked for

This will make your customer feel listened to and valued. In addition it will ensure that you understood the request properly and avoid wasting time – yours and your customer’s – delivering something else than what was requested.

Using paraphrasing will bring you happier customers, vastly improved conversations, not to mention increased sales.

– Good selling !

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