Most Important in Sales: Drive!


Recently I participated in a discussion in a LinkedIn group for Sales & Marketing Professionals in the Netherlands. The discussion was in Dutch, and has been meanwhile (2018) been deleted for a long time.

What’s your input? What’s most important for a sales professionals success?

My gut feeling response was, I think, fairly spot on. What it takes to be successful in sales is Drive !
Why? Because all things good stem from having drive. Equally, all things bad (in sales) stem from having no drive.

You need to be able to drive yourself forward. Without drive, how will you have the will to take rejection after rejection, conquer the competition, and keep on working your business with confidence?!

If you don’t have drive, it doesn’t matter if there are good marketing plans, solid high-quality products, correct pricing, and so on.
It also doesn’t matter if the sales professional is able to ask the right questions, challenge the customer on their beliefs, is empathetic, can ask for the order, can listen, can create rapport, on so on and so forth.

The point is:

Without Drive the customer will never hear about or experience any of the above.

The non-drive sales professional never gets there.

It all amounts to nothing without Drive.

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