Stop LinkedIn Chasing Your Viewers Away

How to Stop LinkedIn Chasing Your Viewers Away

Stop LinkedIn Chasing Your Viewers Away

😲 LinkedIn’s default privacy settings are distracting people from your brand. This post will show you how to solve that in two clicks. 😲

The LinkedIn profile page is the landing page for your professional brand. It’s where you’d like people to come to learn and connect with you. It’s where relationship-building with new clients starts.

Why then list a group of other very interesting profiles on the right hand side of your profile❓

That sidebar distracts from whichever message you’d like people to learn from your page. It moves people away from building relations with you.

In short:

💥That sidebar has got to go! 💥

Here’s how:
Go to your LinkedIn Settings & Privacy, and find the “Viewers of this profile also viewed” option. Direct link to the setting here :

Toggle that setting to NO!! ❌

People will now no longer get distracted from your profile when they visit it. 🥳

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