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True Sales Professionals Prospect for New Business

The very first time you’re put in a chair with a phone and a computer in front of you, the task at hand usually is to – at best – call on customers who haven’t been called on for a while. At worst – and more frequently the case – your task will be to call people who have never had a dialogue with you or your company in the past.

As people grow in sales, they often forget this, the most basic of sales tasks, and leave it to the juniors. People start spending time on tasks that are not related to creating new business from new customers.

The sales professional, however, prospects for new business. The Sales Professional makes sure to take time to do it, because of the understanding that it’s where all the fun comes from: prospecting creates appointments, which lead to qualified prospects, which in turn leads to increased sales.

Even when you’re a busy sales pro juggling multiple balls, make sure to set aside time to create referrals with your current customers and call on organizations you haven’t spoken to before. Doing this will set you apart from the bulk of sales people out there, who never set aside time for this “non-urgent, perceived no-fun, and usually full of rejection” task.

Do this for starters: Track how much time you spend doing work others leave with you versus how much time you spend on intentionally prospecting for new business.

Good selling !

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